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Oh hiiii... I'm Mel!

from neopets to business

When you hire me as your brand strategist, your brand designer, you’re also gaining a new person on your support team. I truly care about building relationships with my clients. I want to see you succeeding too!

I’m checking in to see how you’re doing, even if it’s asking about the cat or dog fam. I genuinely care, and I want you to know it’s about more than just your branding to me. By getting to know you more, I’m able to gain a better connection with your business vision thus… a better branded experience.

"She is beyond worth your time and she gives you such a personal touch that you're going to feel like she is instantly your friend!"

- ashley, humbly holistic

when you hire me, I become your...




I started my design journey about 12 years ago thanks to the beautiful world of Neopets. I was creating Harry Potter guilds and truly enjoying the nerd life through junior high and parts of high school.. mostly during the summer when the Arizona “dry heat” was the worst.

If I’m not rewatching Frozen 2 with my son for the tenth time, I can be found spending my nights sipping a drink while I dive into the design life and catching up on the latest SEO tips and tricks or other marketing changes happening on the internet. I’m still about that nerd life, it’s just adjusted a bit over the years.


brand identity. seo.
website updates + more


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