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Do You Know Your Why? The Reason for Finding Success?

You have to find your why in business. In life. In all the things.

Here’s the thing… making money and running a business can be great.

But if you don’t know your why, things aren’t going to work out how you wanted.

You aren’t going to feel the excitement or passion in the long run.

Because what is all of the work for if you don’t have a legitimate why?

For me, it’s my son. He’s my why. I want to see us living a different lifestyle than I grew up living. I want to have the money to afford for him to be involved in all the sports or activities he wants to get into. I want to have the flexibility to be there for him. I don’t want to ever be too busy to miss important events.

So I do this for him. I moved away from wedding photography to focus solely on brand design and strategy because I knew I needed a more flexible schedule as a single parent. I’m working my butt off so we can live in the type of housing we want to live in. So I can afford to take us out to the hockey rink regularly, or to spend the day at a local park.

I only get one lifetime with this kiddo… and I don’t want to miss out. With his dad being gone, he had to learn at a young age that life is short. We both did.

So I created a vision board that matched what we’re both interested in. Living downtown. Getting to have a dog. Time for activities like muay thai, so he can “punch things.”

(Here are some photos from pinterest, my physical vision board!)

Do you need some help digging into your why? Download my worksheet!

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