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How to Create a Virtual Business in 2020

Now is the time to learn how to create a virtual business, and I’m going to share some key pointers for how to do so. COVID19 has proven that being able to serve consumers remotely is not just a recommendation, but a necessity. The businesses that are going to make it through these hard times are those willing to temporarily pivot from what they’ve been used to doing in the past. Let’s dive in!

For all business owners, here are some recommendations for a quick fix:

Wix offers free websites and reasonable templates to have a “for now” site up and running with zero coding or designers needed.

Loom offers screen sharing and uploading for teaching and walking through presentations.

Zoom or Google Hangouts for group calls or sharing a video recording.

Don’t be stagnant. Get out there on social media. Create a private members only page on Instagram or a Facebook Group. It doesn’t have to be fancy right now, or cost you a lot of money… just be there to serve your audience!

Now for some additional business marketing ideas to help you brainstorm.

For the fitness business owner:

Start creating live videos on your Instagram, Facebook, or in a private members only location. Share previews with the public and build up the hype by sharing the comments and screenshots by your viewers. Show that you’re the subject matter expert in this field and serve your community by offering quick tips and inviting them for a free online session!

Just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean you can’t give the same value. It won’t be the same as in person classes, especially if you’re a super technical program, but it’ll build the hype for when doors do open again… because doors WILL open again. Offer cheap workout plans that they can download. Create a monthly challenge that they can subscribe to.

For the restaurant owner:

If you don’t already… get your menu online! Make it easy for people to call in or place an order online. Even if it’s just a basic form on a website next to the menu. People still want to order food, it just might not be in the same way they were able to. Instead of sit down meals it’s now carryout or delivery. Don’t have delivery in place like Doordash? Maybe you can offer short term delivery by some of the employees.

Offer a carryout special. Promote and give people a reason to be excited about supporting your business. What’s the meal of the day? Share a photo, hop on stories… make them NEED to pick up that meal or drink of yours. Offer incentives for bulk orders. Put together “DIY” ideas for that date night at home. Share a little note with drinks to pair with the meal.

For the photographers:

Continue to share those beautiful images on your social media. Setup an online shop to sell your scenic photos. Reach out to previous clients and ask if they’ve updated their wall recently. If they ever had a chance to order an album and how you’d love to serve them and save them the headache of doing it themselves. Work on those relationships. Host virtual hangouts. Build connections with couples or families you haven’t worked with so when things do settle down again they’ve already started to build some of that like-know-trust with you and your business.

For brick and mortar stores:

Do you have an online presence yet? If you don’t, hop on Squarespace, Wix, or Shopify…. heck, even Etsy. Instagram even has an option for selling on the platform.

Have you updated your inventory if you do? Do a selfie challenge with those that have already purchased from you and have them tag your shop. Share them on your own instagram stories. Have a clothing store? Share some OOTD recommendations from your shop relating to working remotely. Give them some feel good incentives for buying from you.

Was this helpful for you? Drop a comment below and share some ideas. Us small businesses have to stick together. We are the ones that are able to help build back up the community! I know a lot of things are changing, but let’s take control of what we CAN control, and not get trapped focusing on all the things we can’t.


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